Frequently Asked Questions

Planning and Travel

 How do I book my retreat?

Click “Apply Now” in the menu at the top of the page.
Select the retreat date and type of room you’d like.
Click “Apply Now” on that date/room type you want to secure.

Still unsure? Schedule a 5-10 min call with Robyn and Britt to see if this is the right fit for you.

 What happens if I need to cancel?

If you cancel 30+ days prior to the first day of the retreat, we'll provide a refund of any amount above the deposit. Deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to a future retreat.

If you cancel 29 or less days before the first day of the retreat, there will be no refund given.

 What do I need to pack?

Every retreat is different. We will send you a detailed itinerary and packing list as we get closer to the retreat. Here is a basic list of essentials you will always need, despite the retreat location.

Workout clothes
Clothes for mindfulness classes (comfy)
Clothes for hanging out
Clothes to sleep in
Sandals or flip flops
Gym shoes you’re ok getting dirty
Refillable water bottle
Beach towel
Any reading material
Small bag to bring on activities

 How do I get to the retreat?

Personal travel to and from the retreat is up to you. Whether you fly in or find a carpool to drive with, you are responsible for your own transportation. As we get closer to the retreat, we will share the names and numbers of those coming so you can see if group transportation makes sense for you. 

The Retreat

 What are the days like?

The days are designed to balance space and structure. While our days are scheduled, we give you the flexibility to relax and recharge while offering activities that help you connect with yourself and nature. Free time is incorporated into every day as well as some sort of physical activity (ie: yoga, nature walk/hike, biking, exercise class, paddle boarding).

We suggest everyone participates in the full experience but if you have physical restrictions/injuries we are happy to accommodate.

 What's the food like?

Two words - delicious and healthy. We have a private chef who will prepare all our meals, in house. There will be plenty of meals, snacks, and drinks to keep you fueled throughout the day.

One of the meals will be our “girls night out” where we will go to a restaurant. This is the only meal not included in the retreat. You will be responsible to pay for your meal.

 What is included in the tuition?

Everything is included except for travel expenses.

We cover:
All Lodging.
All classes, education, and special guests.
All energy healing experiences and coaching.
All activities such as bike rental, paddle boarding, group activities, entrance fees to state parks, and group transportation to and from activities. 
All meals, snacks and drinks with an exception of our Girls night out mentioned above. 
Swaggy bags from our favorite women ran companies.
And a few fun surprises from Robyn and Britt.

 Do I need to be in-shape to attend?

Definitely not. We have people with all different levels of experience in exercise. This isn’t an exercise retreat - the point of the exercise is to connect with yourself.

 Do I need experience in things like yoga or meditation?

Definitely not. Most people who join don’t have a regular mindfulness practice. The only thing that’s important is an open mind to trying new things.

For those who do have experience, we think you’ll still learn a lot from the different classes and instructors. You will have many opportunities to deepen your current knowledge or practices.

 I have dietary restrictions - is that ok?

Our private chefs can meet almost any dietary restriction. You just need to let us know beforehand so we can adjust the meals with you in mind.

 I have a physical or mental limitation. Will I be able to participate?

Accessibility is incredibly important to us. If you have any type of limitation, reach out to us and we’ll chat about what’s possible to accommodate.

 Who will lead my retreat?

Each retreat is led by the Founders of Comeunity, Britt Critchfield and Robyn Warner.

 Will I feel out of place if I come by myself?

Definitely not! Our retreats are made up of people who are single, friends, and couples. One of the purposes of our retreat is to foster connection and comeunity (hence the name). Those that come alone are so brave and almost always make lifelong friends. You would be surprised to know that 95% of our participants do come alone. 

 Is this a plant medicine retreat?

We do not provide any plant medicine services on the retreat.

 How many people will be on the retreat?

The retreat size can vary, but on average our retreats hold 15-20 (including the facilitators)

 What are the sleeping arrangements?

All of our bedrooms will be shared. You have the choice to choose a private bed or a shared bed, but there will be multiple beds per room (usually). If there is a private bedroom available at a specific location, it will be available for a higher price to choose. If you are coming with a friend and want to share a bed, just let us know.