A powerful group of like minded women committed to discovering the different layers of themselves. 

A group of women seeking clarity, expansion, and connection

A group of women who are eager to heal themselves while supporting others on the same journey. 

 A group of women capable of giving back to their comeunity because they have worked on themselves. 

The time is NOW

You have been asleep in your own life, for too long. It's time you awaken and choose the life you have always wanted by making small, intentional choices that create BIG impact.

Our Upcoming Retreat

Saint George, Utah

The beautiful red rocks of St. George Utah are the perfect host for connection and reflection. Come feel the warmth and peace this beautiful landscape provides.

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“This was the weekend I never knew I needed! Every woman deserves to take time for themselves, especially when it allows them to strengthen their relationship with themselves, others, and create new long lasting ones! That is exactly what this retreat was! Connecting with one another and feeding off the energy of strong women around me, allowed me to feel strong and beautiful. It gave me strength to come home with a clear heart and mind to be a better version of myself and mother/wife to my family!

And to top it all, we had SO much fun. With all the real and powerful moments there were just as many goofy and fun ones! I would go to every retreat if it didn’t mean I was taking a spot for someone else to experience it!”

- JJ Pace

Hey! We're Brittney & Robyn.

Who knew that after moving into the same neighborhood would lead us to forming a business focused on women's wellness. We are Robyn and Britt- mothers, entrepreneurs, and BEST FRIENDS.

One day at the gym, we were both discussing how we felt like we needed connection and purpose outside of motherhood and entrepreneurship. That little conversation spiraled into a full blown vision and then and there, our Comeunity was born. We both have individually went through the grueling process of discovering our purpose and value as women. We thought we needed permission and found the only one who could give us that, was US. We are excited to lead and coach other women through this same journey. Come join our Comeunity.

Upcoming Retreats

February 29-March 3, 2024 : Saint George, UT

September 12-16, 2024: Beach home in Oahu, Hawaii

“Comeunity was one of my highlights of last year! Spending time with incredible women who are all willing to be vulnerable and authentic is so refreshing! There is the perfect mix of heart centered inner work and fun!! I met some women at Girls Gone Woke who are now my very best friends! Thanks to Robyn and Brit for creating a safe and obviously super fun space! “

- Taryn Neves

Past Retreats