" The retreat was a blast! It had a great balance of self development time, physical activities, and chill/party time. The founders are so good at making everyone feel welcome, comfortable and safe to a point where genuine connections and friendships can really be built. The activities that they picked were easily participated in at any skill level and accommodating to all. The underlying tone throughout the weekend was that of building others up and generating positivity. Retreats are only truly beneficial when they can really create a recharge. This absolutely did that and left me ready to come back home with more motivation, empowerment and excitement to build my family and my life and know that I have a support network and encouragement from other wonderful women in my corner. " 

- Shanelle Beecher

"The Comeunity retreat was truly a one of a kind experience. I left feeling empowered and like I could take on the world! I learned so much about myself that I will forever be grateful for. I also had a sore stomach from laughing so hard and having so much fun! Robyn and Brittany were incredible from start to finish. I will definitely be going to lots more of their retreats and know you won’t regret going!”

- Caybree Johnson

“Comeunity was one of my highlights of last year! Spending time with incredible women who are all willing to be vulnerable and authentic is so refreshing! There is the perfect mix of heart centered inner work and fun!! I met some women at Girls Gone Woke who are now my very best friends! Thanks to Robyn and Brit for creating a safe and obviously super fun space! “

- Taryn Neves

“ This retreat is literally for any woman who wants more connection, more clarity and more healing. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do or don’t do for a living. Just go. I was so worried about going because I didn’t know anyone, I knew i’d be the youngest there and I don’t have a career or anything specific I was really looking for. I just knew I was unhappy with where I was and felt lost in motherhood and in past unresolved trauma. I’m SO FREAKING glad I went. I learned how to love myself and made so many amazing new friends. Robyn and Britt and literally amazing. Do yourself a favor and invest in peace and friendship for yourself!! "

-  Lindsay Cottle

“ComeUnity was such an incredible experience that I will remember forever! I was able to connect with old friends as well as meet new lifelong friends. I loved all of the new experiences that helped me deepen my love for not only myself but for so many other women. This retreat showed me how to go outside of my comfort zone and taught me so much about myself and life. I’m so grateful I was able to be a part of such an amazing adventure!”

- Mekell Brady