Hi, I’m Robyn!

Hey, I'm Robyn. Also known as Rob, Roberto, Rob-dawg, and hoobaskank (don’t ask).

I am a single mother of four small children, serial entrepreneur; and CEO/co-founder of 4 companies: 
 ■ The ComeUNITY
 ■ Let’s Glow
 ■ The Brave talkshow
 ■ And safety guru of Safe by Robyn™️, a women's self-defense company.

When I'm not burning casseroles or changing dirty diapers, I'm running several businesses and chasing my dreams as an entrepreneur. Outside of motherhood, my biggest passion is empowering and protecting woman through safety advocacy, gathering like minded woman together to grow and heal, and having fun! 

I feel like my healing Journey has been a series of cycles. Once I feel like I have my trauma under control- Bam: a brutal sexual assault. He is rotting in prison by the way. 

Bam- dealing with spouses addictions, lies, and betrayal.
Bam- friend Loss
Bam- family betrayal 
Bam- faith expansion and transformation out of organized religion.
Bam-a devastating divorce.
Bam- single mothering 
Bam- dating again #terrifying

The truth is, my healing journey never really started nor ended. It’s a constant state of going within, healing, self-awareness, forgiveness, grief, loss, and love. 

It’s can be a complex thing, but I’m excited to bring the tools and modalities that have helped me, to YOU! Let’s heal together. 

Thanks for being a part of our ComeUNITY. You can sit with us. 

You can find me on IG @aflyonmywall where I'm usually dancing without a bra on, sharing bi-weekly safety tips, and sharing the realness of a full time mom-boss. 

Hi, I’m Britt!

Hi friends, it's me Britt Critchfield. Mom of too many kids (last time I checked it was 5 ;) ) lover of Justin Critchfield for the last 15 years and owner of the real estate investment firm, Litehouse Homes and this beautiful COMEUNITY.

I started my own personal healing journey 6 years ago (its never done, is it?) when I realized that I had everything I was ever taught by the world to want but all I felt was fragmented. 

Somehow along the way to “success”, I lost myself. I didn’t just want to accomplish things that looked nice, I wanted my life to FEEL the way it looked. 

I yearned for balance and whole-ness, a coming back to myself, but didn’t know how to get it.

After loads of trial and error plus thousands of hours and resources spent, I realized that knowledge, skillset and action taking are mandatory for real progress but it still felt like there was a blind spot that wasn’t being addressed, COMEUNITY.

My own personal experiences paired with research has shown me that women heal faster individually when they have a group of like minded women A place and network that is empowering, safe, supportive, full of love and resources. 

Women NEED women. We were made that way.

Would you like to be apart of our COMEUNITY? 

We would love to help support and love you through this journey of life. 


Our Values


Bring all of yourself. All your quirks, all your ups and downs, all your heart, all your trauma, and all your light - it's all welcome here.


We learn through new experiences. There's so much to explore within ourselves, others, and the world.


The world is full of confusion. We're always striving to clear out the voices and remove the noise. Focusing on what really matters is a goal of ours.


What makes us unique should be celebrated. We look for people who "add" - not people who "fit in". Comeunity is a non-judgmental home for those looking to foster meaningful connections.

A note from Us…

We have made it our mission to build a MASSIVE Comeunity that supports women in all areas of life: Self development, motherhood, marriage/relationships, business, finances, and friendship through the power of each other.

Retreats are amazing kick offs, refreshers and motivators for healing, BUT what comes after?

We noticed there weren’t many programs to help women integrate AFTER they’ve had these amazing experiences, like walking over hot coals and or hanging out with their inner child (what a cool kid)!

That’s when we knew we had to expand and include Comeunity meet ups, monthly workshops, breath work, reiki classes, group coaching, and weekly podcast drops.